Chip-off Recovery

Chip-off Recovery for SD Card, MicroSD, eMMC, CF, Cfast, other Monolith NAND chips, Microsoft Surface, and some phones (like Galaxy S3, S4, S5, and some other Android models).
If your SD card, MicroSD, CF/CFast card, or phone/tablet with eMMC chip has failed, often the only remaining option is a “chip-off” recovery.

Sometimes, we can access the bad device using special reading modes or interfaces to recover your data without removing the chip(s). This is much easier and often produces much better results, so we always try this first.

But, if special reading methods and interfaces fail, the only remaining option is a “chip-off” recovery.

Monolith Data Recovery Rates

A “monolith” device is a single chip that contains the NAND (data) and controller (operating system). If less than 99% was recovered, and you don’t want the data we recovered.

On the left, you can see an eMMC chip recovery from a Lenovo Idea pad 130S. In this case, the computer was damaged due to a drop. We had to use a BGA rework station to remove the tiny eMMC chip which stored all the customer’s data. Then we used a tool called “Z3X EasyJtag” to read the chip and additional software to extract the customer’s data.

Microsoft Surface EMMC Chip-Off Recovery

Newer Microsoft Surface devices save their data on an EMMC chip soldered to the motherboard. When the device fails, the only option is a “chip-off” recovery. We offer the most affordable pricing for “chip-off” recoveries

Whether you have a Microsoft Surface with an EMMC chip (Surface 5 Pro, Surface 6 Pro, Surface 7 Pro, or Surface Laptop 2) or a Microsoft Surface with an SSD (Surface Laptop 1 or Surface Pro 4), we can help recover your data for an affordable price!

See the steps we take to recover from Microsoft Surface devices with EMMC chips…

We use the best-in-class tools for Monolith and Chip-off data recovery

This includes Ace Laboratory’s PC3000-Flash, Rusolut’s VNR, Z3X EasyJtag, and Flash Extractor. We also have many Multi-com adapters for MicroSD cards which enable us to recover data quicker than other companies who manually solder in leads to interface with MicroSD cards.

We can perform chip-off recovery for devices with the following problems (and more):

  • Bricked Drive
  • Dead Drive
  • Liquid Damage
  • Firmware Corruption
  • Partition Corruption
  • Logical Failure
  • Failed or Corrupt Controller
  • Drive has wrong model number or capacity in BIOS
  • Broken Phone Screen
  • Broken Phone Keyboard
  • Phone Stuck In Boot Loop
  • Broken USB Interface/Port

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